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A personal loan gives you the extra cash you need to handle that next big purchase, emergency, or dream.

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  • A fixed rate and no surprises
  • No monthly or prepayment fees
  • All loan decisions made locally by Freedom CU Staff
  • Money for weddings, vacations, medical bills, etc.

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A quick personal loan application could mean cash up to $30,000.


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We’ve got personal loan options up to 6 years.


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Make any payment with just your computer or phone.

If you can dream it, we can fund it


“Because of you I was able to rebuild my life, as you stood by me in my darkest hours. Thank you!”

Abington Closure

Our Abington branch is now TEMPORARILY CLOSED for renovations until Fall 2021. Drive-thru & ATM are also closed. Please plan ahead. Click here for alternate locations